The gift of languages

As you can imagine, stress levels are somewhat high this week.  I am *mostly* ready for Christmas now but there are still many little bits to do ranging from still having to post some cards to making sure I buy some mayonnaise because I totally forgot to add it to my delivery the other day!! Thankfully, younger and elder are still at school until thursday so I still have some time to find my sanity before the school holidays in which within the first couple of hours of waking on friday morning, I will have lost it again!

Every year I get asked what I want for Christmas…as with birthdays and other occasions, I usually say…nothing..or something foodie…or shock horror, this year for my birthday I asked for Chanel nail polish! A lovely and very dark shade that matches my love of black but alas it got *forgotten* in the mire of all things Doctor Who that I received in its stead. However one thing that I did ask for and I got was my wonderful French very mug with the very fabulous and helpful fully conjugated forms of Avoir and Être so now I am on the hunt for the Spanish version.  I don’t think there are enough language related novelty gifts for adults, not that I can find anyway, so if there are, please let me know in the comments section.


This year, however, I have asked for books…lots of books and I am hoping to get a good selection from Little Linguist, a fabulous place to find lots of children’s books and MFL teacher resources for many different languages. I know…children’s books, but if I can tackle Harry Potter y la piedra filosofal AND read it to my two, I will be a very happy Maman Polyglotte!

For now, I wish you all a very Joyeux Noël and Feliz Navidad and I shall return in January for more shenanigans!

Arnaud in Manchester

mearnaudnov2016What better way to start my new blog (albeit with a short piece) and to end a very hectic year! For those of you who know me already, I have had a bit of a change around, in name and in blog.  Mostly language related but the odd coffee or food related piece might appear as well.

In November, I finally got to meet the most fabulous Arnaud from Arnaud’s Language Kitchen.  As I live *oop north* and he lives *dahn sarf* it hasn’t been the easiest of meet ups but we made it after just over a year and a half of chatting via Twitter, Skyping in French (or trying to anyway) and other general shenanigans. We had a whistle stop tour of Manchester and a lovely lunch together but overall the visit was far too short! I am even honoured to have received a copy of his first publication “tALK French for Rusty Learners” (you can find it on his website) which is now in my collection of most treasured books.

Arnaud is, in my humble opinion, the most formidable of French teachers.  He is my mentor and friend, and this year, he is going to help me conquer my fear of speaking French out loud along with the subjunctive!

Watch this space!


A test post

Testing my brand new blog!